Hiya! I’m Meghann, I am 31 and I am from Yorkshire in the UK. I decided to document my journey from when I got ill to my diagnosis and everything in between and thereafter. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Functional Neurological Disorder and Anxiety. I am hoping in doing this it may just help one lost soul out there trawling through the internet trying to look up their symptoms like I did. Just to let them know they are not alone and the things they are feeling are real. I also wanted to let the people around me know whats going on without having to message every single person each time I get some news. But also in hope that it makes everyone around me more understanding.

I don’t pretend that this is outright life-threatening and completely understand that there are “worse things in life” and truly empathise with others out there going through terrible times. But in this moment when writing the blog it is life debilitating and I needed something cathartic for myself to get it all out there.

I write this in hope that one lucky soul sat on the loo after a hard days work, will put down that shampoo bottle or whatever you read whilst having 2 minutes away from the other half and have a little read of this instead. You never know you may even learn something or feel something from reading this. You may even follow me or even unfollow me after…who knows!

Look after yourself and look after each other,

Meghann x